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Orange Twist goods are designed and screenprinted by hand in the sparkling city of Seattle, Washington. Founder and printer Claire Jauregui started Orange Twist in 2008 as a way to foster connections between people while injecting humor and handcrafted design into everyday life. Claire loves color, word play, and puns, and is committed to creating quality, environmentally sustainable goods.

Printing Process

Each item is screenprinted by hand in Seattle with non-toxic, water-based, phthalate-free ink. We love the saturated colors, opaque ink coverage, and intensely direct relationship that screenprinting offers. Slight variations in ink color, coverage, and registration are a part of the handcrafted nature of Orange Twist items and should be considered part of their appeal.


Orange Twist cares about the environment and our impact on it. We use 100% post-consumer recycled paper products for all white cards and all envelopes. Individual cards are packaged in biodegradable protective sleeves made from plants. Orange Twist uses non-toxic, water-based ink, reclaims screens, and reuses and recycles office and packing.

Our organic, 100% cotton rompers are some of the softest clothing that the babies in your life will enjoy. Not only do our rompers feel great, but they’re better for the environment than clothing made from conventionally grown cotton. Organic cotton eliminates the use of chemical pesticides and fertilizers that affect the health of the soil, water, and workers.

Founder and Printer

Claire Jauregui is a Seattle-based artist who has loved making cards since elementary school. Orange Twist was conceived as a way for Claire to use her printmaking skills and continue making creative work without a dedicated studio space. Cards were small enough to allow Claire the ability to work on many designs at once and fulfilled her desire to make items that would be enjoyed, used, and foster connections between people.